Concurso Open House

Salvador - Bahia
Angelo Bucci

Ciro Miguel
Colin Billings
Juliana Braga
Maria Isabel Imbronito


A. type of housing: new building
B. type of dweller: single dweller (or family)
C. geographic location: SALVADOR / BA / BRASIL
D. key issues relevant: relationship between internal and external space, environment takes internal spaces, a house made by voids
E. technologies applied: reinforced concrete
F. media: physical model, electronic models, drawings

This house was thought to be spotted in Salvador, Bahia, a place where the weather and climate allow us to live comfortably outdoor like the Brazilian Indians used to do there in the past, a wisdom they had that maybe we will be able to reach in the future. For that reason, this house is possible to be thought of and to be done without air conditioning, special windows or glass. In such a way that it can renounce completely the difference between internal and external spaces to be a house where the only enclosed internal room is made by a portion of external one.

Only two prismatic volumes cast in reinforced concrete opened on both ends and merged in a particular way are enough to do that.

Although it was thought, at first, to be a single house to a single dweller it works as a key. It could also shelter a family or it could be horizontally or vertically combined to be a multifamily building as well.

What is heartening us to submit this idea to the Vitra Design Museum is what this proposal carries as a new approach concerning to architecture and landscape:

A building dissolved to become landscape.

It is a way to say that, in order to make the future possible, our role then will be to take part of our environment again. That is a reason to consider that in the future we will live in a house like that. When we cannot find our place in the world anymore, this house will provide us a place to rest and to be sheltered.

People integrated by becoming environment.

Our Open House.