Casa em Phoenix

Phoenix - EUA
Angelo Bucci
Mike Braun

Mike Braun
Ciro Miguel

The site borders a golf course on the south, with dramatic views of the distinct formations of the Papago Mountains beyond. To the north, just a few meters above ground level, one is confronted with a remarkable Phoenix natural landmark: Camelback Mountain.

This is a house for a couple who spends lot of time in the home theater and who also enjoy entertaining guests.

The Sonoran Desert, so well represented in Phoenix by the Saguaro cactus, is known for drastic temperature changes: quite hot during the day and cooler at night. In these conditions, shading is a welcome feature.

The pad was imagined as a construction element, emerging from the ground like a rock, as a solid volume made of concrete walls.

In contrast, a pair of 40 meter long trusses are located above the roof in order to hang the concrete slabs without using beams.

Half level above ground level, this pad arranges the entrance and, without fences, marks the limits of the private space. In addition, this pad enlarges the horizon, offering better views to the golf course. The living room, the pad’s centerpiece, is closed only by sliding glass doors.

Half level below ground level, like a cave, the home theater is an extension of the living room. There is also a cellar accessible from the kitchen.

Two pieces of the slab, half level above the living room, create the intimate spaces: the main bedroom on the east façade, and the guests’ bedrooms on the west.

The roof terrace is accessible by an outside stair and is shaded by a retractable fabric canopy installed on top of the trusses. This provides shade not only at the terrace space, but for the house itself.
From the rooftop, Camelback Mountain is the landscape.